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MobileView 7000 Series NVR

16-Channel NVR for Mobile Transit Applications


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The MobileView® 7000 Series NVR (Network Video Recorder) supports up to 16 Analog and/or IP-channels for full video and audio surveillance on transit and rail vehicles. Supporting individual configuration on each channel and video resolutions up to 1080p at 30fps, the 7000 Series NVR allows tailored capture of the highest quality images without missing any important details.

  • Up to 16 analog or IP channels at real-time frame rate and up to 1080P Resolution
  • Flexible mass storage options (up to 4TB, Data Mirror option, SSD & HDD models)
  • Recording Quality Configurable on Alarm
  • Built-in USB Caddy Eliminates Requirement for External Device for Evidence Review
  • 12 Digital Inputs/2 Analog Inputs
  • Integrated GPS Records Vehicle Speed and Location
  • Built-in 802.11 AC, AN, BGN Wireless
  • LED and LCD Provide At-a-Glance Detailed System Status
  • Internal Shock and Vibration Solution
7000, 16CH NVR, No Harness or Media
7000, 16CH NVR , Harness, Connection Kit
7001H, 16CH Hybrid NVR, Harness, Connection Kit
7001H, 16CH Hybrid NVR, No Harness or Media
2TB Media Kit (1TB HDD + 1TB HDD Media), USB 3.0
2TB Media Kit (1TB SSD + 1TB SSD Media), USB 3.0
Docking Station Interface