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MobileView Body Worn Camera Docking Station

With evidence management software

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The MobileView® Body Worn Camera Docking Station represents an all-in-one secure video management solution. Capable of charging and simultaneously downloading video evidence from up to 20 body cameras, the 19″ LCD touch screen facilitates the easy viewing and navigation of the evidence management software. This full-featured, flexible system provides a central secure location for evidence storage and management, while allowing for the creation of permission-based profiles to maintain a secure chain of custody.

The integrated evidence management software allows authorized users to manage and configure body cameras, manage evidence, create cases, customize reports, and view audit trails. In addition, open platform technology provides agencies with the flexibility to integrate virtually any custom application into the docking station software, so that features and functions can be modified to fit their unique needs.

  • All-in-one, comprehensive data management and storage server
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Securely manages all video, photo and audio files from body cameras locally from the built-in 19" LCD touch screen
  • Complete health system monitoring
  • Fully charges body cameras in 3 hours, while simultaneously downloading video evidence from up to 20 cameras
  • Automatically clears docked body cameras' storage to prepare for next use
  • User management and permissions for added security
  • User permissions and group access
  • Chain of custody tracking
  • Accidental deletion prevention
  • Customizable, detailed overview and reporting
  • Advanced search and review options for video, photo and audio
  • Case evidence management by authorized users from workstations through secure web logins
  • Open platform technology allows for the customization of the software to fit the agency’s unique needs
MobileView® Body Worn Camera Docking Station, 28TB, 20 Docks
MobileView Body Worn Camera Docking Station, 60TB, 20 Docks
Accessories: MobileView Body Worn Camera Docking Station Key Set (2)
Accessories: MobileView Body Worn Camera Docking Station Key Set (2), Disk Array