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MobileView Body Worn Camera

For law enforcement and security personnel

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Ruggedly designed and easy to use, the MobileView® Body Worn Camera provides law enforcement and security personnel with true HD 1080p video recording capabilities, and one-touch recording and activation. When worn on the front of a uniform, a 140° wide-angle lens captures a full forensic view for accurate information gathering and analysis. Featuring a 64GB internal memory, pre-record buffering, evidence tagging, and integrated IR LEDS for night vision, the body camera is equipped to perform in any environment.

Full featured and adaptable, the body camera can record video and audio simultaneously, or audio only for suspect interrogations and victim/witness statements. The camera is fully configurable and offers selectable recording quality, from true HD 1080p video down to 720×480 resolution, giving agencies the ability to adjust the recording quality according to their storage capabilities.

The body camera can also take up to 20 high-resolution snapshots, which can be viewed (along with video) on the built-in 2″ LCD screen or on an HDTV screen using a HDMI connector. The body camera’s embedded security protocols include admin-level password protection to prevent accidental deletion of evidence or modifi cation of system settings. Video surveillance footage is also digitally watermarked with the user ID, GPS coordinates and time and date, ensuring the authenticity of collected video evidence.

Each body camera includes a car charger, docking bay with USB cable and power adapter, gator clip and epaulette clip.

  • HD 1080P color video recording
  • 64GB internal storage
  • Easy one-touch recording and activation
  • Full-shift battery (Standard record capability of up to 8 hours with Pre-record off, GPS off and standard resolution of 720p.)
  • Snapshot—captures up to 20 high-resolution, 32MPx images
  • 2" LCD screen with instant playback of video, photos or audio
  • Built-in, high-quality microphone and speaker
  • 140º wide-angle lens to capture a complete forensic view
  • Customizable, integrated watermarking
  • Built-in GPS support
  • Password security protected to prevent unauthorized video deletion
MobileView® Body Worn Camera Kit, 64GB
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