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MobileView Depot Manager

Central Cloud Solution Provides Automated Evidence Retrieval, Fleet Health Information and Diagnostics

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MobileView® Depot Manager provides easy access and control of video assets to enhance security, maximize resources and increase vehicle up time. With our central cloud controller the system operates seamlessly across multiple depots on small, medium, or large corporate networks. Video evidence can be downloaded and archived quickly and easily all through a wireless network. By downloading specific events without manually removing hard drives, users can reduce manpower requirements, maintain the custody chain and improve fleet operation management. Live video capability further extends functionality of maintenance and emergency personnel to monitor real-time on-board cameras and events.

  • Compatible w/Windows® 7 or 8 Operating Systems
  • Easy Installation
  • Supports MobileView® III (legacy), MobileView 3000 Series, MobileView 7000 Series Recorders
  • Real-time User Dashboard Displays a Snapshot of Key Performance Indicators to Increase Vehicle Uptime
  • Uses Wireless and Fixed LAN Infrastructure to Transfer CCTV and Other Vehicle Operating Data Across the Network
  • Automatically Retrieves Driver Duress and Event-based Video Files w/Automatic E-mail Notifications Across Single or Multiple Depots
  • Live Video Capability Further Extends Functionality of Maintenance and Emergency Personal to Monitor Real Time on Board Cameras and Events
  • Camera Checks Feature Captures Daily Reference Images Ensuring Proper Operation of On Board Vehicle Cameras
  • Built In Player for Viewing Video and Evidence DVD Creation
  • Performs Multiple Concurrent Downloads
  • Reporting and System Performance Details
  • User Friendly Intuitive Interface
  • System Settings and Vdeo Downloads Are Secured and Protected Against Unauthorized Access w/Fully Customizable User Accounts
  • Bulk Configuration and System Updates Reduce System Administration and Management Activity
  • Audit Trail Tracks User Activity for Forensic Analysis
  • Built In Player for Viewing Video and Evidence DVD Creation
  • Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
MobileView® Maintenance Case Module
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MobileView Server Software Maintenance Agreement
MobileView Single Depot License
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