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All-inclusive package with no hidden extras.

When you purchase a MobileView Body Worn Camera solution, you get everything you need — all for one affordable price. You get local secure evidence storage, advanced management tools, reporting tools, admin roles, plus case and evidence management.

  • No monthly storage fees
  • No long-term commitments
  • No hidden costs
  • No complicated plans

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  • Superior-quality videos, photos and audio

    The full-featured camera provides true HD 1080p color video recording, 20 high-resolution snapshots and high-quality audio-recording.

  • Secure storage and evidence management

    The docking station acts as an all-in-one comprehensive data management and storage server that's easy to use and maintain.

  • Reporting and evidence collection

    Evidence management software allows users to manage and configure body cameras, manage evidence, create cases, customize reports, audit trails and more.

  • Accessories

    Camera accessories include a charging dock, universal uniform clip, button or epaulette clip, car charger and USB sync w/wall charger.

The body worn camera that works as hard as you do.

Backed by 20 years of proven experience in the mobile surveillance field, the MobileView Body Worn Camera delivers superior-quality video whenever and wherever you need it. Ruggedly designed and easy to use, our body camera facilitates simple and effective evidence collection.

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"The product was well thought out from design to implementation. The camera has a rugged design with many great features, such as video tagging for critical events. It's easy to use."

Captain Kevin Marse
Williamston PD, Williamston, SC

Docking station and video management solution

The MobileView Body Worn Camera Docking Station is a complete video management solution, capable of charging and downloading video evidence from up to 20 body cameras.

This full-featured solution provides a central secure location for evidence storage and management, and allows for the creation of permission-based profiles to maintain a secure chain of custody.

Robust charging capabilities
Simultaneously charges and downloads 20 body cameras at one time

User-friendly navigation
19″ LCD touch screen allows easy navigation of the integrated software

Secure & centralized data management
All-in-one data management and storage server

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Try & Buy Program

The MobileView Try and Buy program is a low-risk way to evaluate up to 10 body cameras and one docking station and is an easy way to experience the many benefits of the MobileView Body Worn Camera solution first-hand.

  • Simple and easy
  • Flexible trial periods
  • Free onsite installation and training


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